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Pillar of fire



On November 8th, 2012, Pastor Nanton was preaching in Mumbai, India in a convention. The title of his message was: Connecting to Your Name on the Lamb’s Book of Redemption through Overcoming. His subject was: The Unfolding of the Promise by a Name Change. Brother blewett and a few other ministers had been preaching on the New Name of Jesus Christ worldwide and there was much controversy surrounding it. During the service a sister, Bela Yadav, from Delhi, thinking that the curtain behind the preacher on the platform was literally on fire, cried out, “Fire, fire!” A brother by the name of Silas from Uttar Pradesh, North India, aimed his camera at the platform. The picture he took revealed the photograph shown on this page.  The revealing of the Name of God to Moses as I AM that I AM came through the burning bush. We believe God allowed this to happen to confirm the truth of the New Name as preached by the ministers around the world at the time.


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